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Showtec Phantom 30 LED Moving Head Beam

Compact and powerful beam moving head. It has a big fully illuminated 8° lens with a fat beam output. However the Phantom 30 is basic in functionality it has a selection of 13 special gobo designs to make beautiful beam effects without expansive functionality's like prisms or zoom effects. It also has a dichroic wheel with 7 colors and white. The Showtec Phantom 30 LED Beam can be used stand alone with the built-in programs and master slave functionality or get in control with 7 or 10 DMX channels. Gobo 13 metal gobos + open (not replaceable), gobo functions Gobo-flow effect, gobo shake, colors 7 dichroic-filters + white, color functions Rainbow-flow effect, dimensions 342 x 150 x 316 mm, weight 5,7 kg.


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