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Somogyi Elektronic aims to play a key role in distribution and e-commerce, providing customers with commodities with a value-for-money relationship and offering support according to their requirements. Mutual long-term satisfaction is based on partnership and fairness, both with your business partner and with your own employees.

Since 1981, Somogyi Elektronic has been involved in the sale of low-voltage telecommunication and low voltage equipment as well as related spare parts.

As a result of continuous development, in the last decades the company occupies an important place on the market for distribution of electrical, electronic and sound products. Thanks to our independent import activity we are directly connected with nearly 80 manufacturers. Our logistic and commercial basis is located in the Győr Industrial Park on an area of ​​7000 m2, located in the vicinity of other international firms. As market needs are constantly changing, we are continuously developing our product range, paying particular attention to their quality. On the specialist market in Hungary, besides the multinational chain stores, we have over 2000 partners, of which 25 are distributors. Since 1994, with the start of export activity, the company has begun to expand into the Central and Eastern Europe region.

SAL DP10 Tweeter for Unitra

Tweeter 80w - 8ohm

56,00 lei
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Sal HVP 28 2 Way 600W Speaker Crossover

Crossover 300w - 8 ohm

116,00 lei
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Sal MRPX 2-165 Sauna Speaker Set

Sauna Set 2x 75w 4ohm

156,00 lei
In Stock
SAL RRT 11B Radio-casette Player

Retro radio with cassette and USB

179,00 lei
In Stock
Sal MRPX 2-130 Sauna Speaker Set

Sauna Set 2x 50w 4ohm

136,00 lei
In Stock
SAL HV316A 3Way Speaker crossover

3Way crossover 8ohm - 100w

49,00 lei
In Stock
SAL PAB25A karaoke party speaker

489,00 lei
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PRT 4B - Bluetooth MP3 Radio retro

199,00 lei
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