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Since 1981 our company works in the distribution's field of electronic and audio products and offers to the customers good quality products
and extremely competitive prices.

Today, thanks to the competence, to the passion and the experience matured along the years, ADM SRL is one of the greater Italian distributor
in the professional audio and hi-fi car (with Master Audio brand) and in the air conditioning field (with Master Clima products).
Every day hundreds of customers in Italy and Europe visit our web-site to see our full catalogue that includes more
than 500 items.

Master Audio Gooseneck Microphone PM782

Gooseneck microphone 32 cm

189,00 lei
in stock
Sponge Microphone Lavalier-Headset 5

Sponge Microphone 5mm

6,00 lei
in stock
Cable Cross S501 Cable Protectors

Cable Protectors 70 x 50 mm

181,00 lei
In Stock
Adapter Microphone Clip-40

Professional Boundary Microphone

15,00 lei
In Stock
Speaker Stand Capacity 50 kg

Speaker Stand 50kg. 1.80 m.

109,00 lei
in stock
Speaker Stand Capacity 30 kg

Speaker Stand 30kg. 1.80 m.

99,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio CW500 8

Medi Bass 5" 40W

52,00 lei
In Stock
HK Diaphragm PR:O 12-15

Spare Diaphragm 1"

79,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio HS 1015

Horn Speaker 100V

230,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio CS165B Ceiling Wall Speaker

Ceiling Wall Speaker 100V 10W

88,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio CS 200 H

Ceiling Wall Speaker

92,00 lei
In Stock
Crosscable M 101 Cable Protector

Cable Protector 1 Channel

99,00 lei 116,00 lei
Reduced price!
In Stock
Master Audio NB400TB Installation...

Installation Loudspeakers 16w

236,00 lei
In Stock
Cable Bridge S101 Channel Cable Protector

1 Channel Cable Protector

226,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio BT-400-B Acoustic Speakers

Acoustic Speakers 16W

165,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio RSQ-8 ohm Tweeter Mylar

Tweeter Mylar 30w - 8 ohm

36,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio NB500TW 100V Speaker

Power 80W - 8 ohm

355,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio WS108T Installation Loudspeakers

Installation Loudspeakers 10w - 8 ohm

125,00 lei
In Stock
Master Audio CW400-8 Speaker 4 inch

Medi Bass 4 inch 30W 8 Ohm

39,00 lei
In Stock
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