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Ibiza Sound

Ibiza Sound

2 stands with truss system 4m

Truss System 4m

1 190,00 lei 1 440,00 lei
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Ibiza Light - SMOKE5L-LOW

Smoke Fluid Low Density 5L

85,00 lei
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Ibiza Light - SMOKE5L-HD

Smoke Fluid High Density 5L

60,00 lei
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Karaoke Star Partyset X System

Live audio system

939,00 lei
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19" 8 Way Socketbox Schuko

Socketbox Schuko Rack 19"

129,00 lei
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Adapter Tripod 2 Speakers

Tripod Adapter 2 Speakers

133,00 lei
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Ibiza Light 80W Led strobe

strobe 4x white COB LEDs 20w

244,00 lei
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Star12-Amp300 mixer, microphone, USB,...

1 199,00 lei
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Ibiza SMOKE-CO2-5L Smoke Fluid Effect CO2

Smoke Fluid Effect CO2

96,00 lei
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Ibiza Light - BUBBLE5L

Bubble Fuid 5L.

67,00 lei
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Ibiza sound STAR8B 2 Way Bass Reflex 8 Inch

Set Speakers 90W - 6 ohms

348,00 lei
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AMP300USB-BT 2x240W Amplifier Bluetooth

Amplifier 2x 50W 4 ohms

569,00 lei
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Ibiza Sound System 800W Max Dj System

Sound System 800w Max.

949,00 lei
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Ibiza Sound STAR10B 2 Way Bass Reflex 10 Inch

Set Speakers 125W - 6 ohms

429,00 lei
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Disco Globe Motor 30cm

Mirrors global engine 30cm

52,00 lei
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Ibiza Light - BUBBLE1L

Bubble Fuid 1L.

24,00 lei
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Dj Mobile Stand

Desk for dj

760,00 lei
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