Portable Bluetooth speakers with the ACDC logo, why would anyone take such tools? There is only one valid answer: to listen to music. The speakers are really vintage, as they were during the great glories of rock music. The idea of ​​portable speaker is one when there is electric guitar.

vintage bluetooth portable speaker with ACDC logo

That this speaker is called iDance has no relevance other than that it works via Bluetooth. (Thomson used to be in the old days and they only went to 220!) This connectivity with peripheral systems is the great asset of the years we live. Today, if an audio system were lacking Bluetooth, wireless or USB ... it basically has negligible value.

boxa portabila bluetooth vintage cu logo ACDC

Portable Bluetooth speakers from www.noiz.ro

What seems to bring great success to the device is its vintage look. The manufacturers decided to do their best to meet the buyers of a certain category. Through the interconnectivity of this Bluetooth speaker, it addresses music fans and smartphones. Through the style implant, with the names of the musicians and the lightning bolt, the portable speaker with the ACDC echo addresses those who, in times past, if they had such tools would have fled into the woods. Why in the forest !? You will understand ...

However, the portable Bluetooth speaker, iDance, is for anyone who loves good music. And, of course, "The High Way to hell", without allusions, that we still have nowhere to go!

Portable Boxing And Boxers From ACDC
The ACDC therefore refuses by all means to come out of the present. A band that, perhaps more visible than others, represented very well the kind of professional rock band. Established to make money, who made money and who will continue to do so. Even lending its logo to some manufacturers of portable Bluetooth speakers.

ACDC is the band that has been so thoroughly entertaining the minds of young people for 30 years now that they were able to go to the woods to listen to their idols. There they may have been left alone. We insist, if at that time there were portable speakers that would have worked with the lightness of today, the forests would have been full.

ACDC rock music

With the image of the Australians they made money and the Romanian rock bands and photographs from the times. At the hard-rock concerts in the old multipurpose halls, those around the band (more or less famous) went public and sold photographs with ACDC. The recipe was guaranteed, such photos were not so easy. "Bravo" was not free, during Ceausescu's time it was a famous magazine. However, only privileged members of the regime had access to it.

The ACCD was, with or without portable speakers, so beloved in the 1980s that the Communist authorities launched the rumor of their death. They were said to have lost their lives in a plane crash. And the one who launched this rumor, from the microphone of the public radio, proves to be a genuine "prime drum" skin, because it is still heard and refuses to withdraw permanently.

Everything you want to know about ACDC is on the net. What you will only know from old rockers ... you will find out if you follow our blog. Over time, in small, noisy pills.