2004 officially exist in Romania as a producer and distributor of professional audio equipment and lighting systems. We offer integrated solutions for wide range of activities: ambient sound and power for shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, clubs, conference rooms, schools, churches, sports arenas, halls for cultural and artistic events, indoor and outdoor radios, etc. staging, radio and television studios and recording, professional lighting for stages and clubs, etc.


With the objective of well-established no-compromise and meet any requirements regardless of their complexity, have formed a solid team of people specialized and flexible, we created two own brands and have partnered authorized distribution for the most prestigious brands in existing .



From any enhancement to a highly complex sitem we guarantee the lowest price!


1 year warranty for every product you buy from us, we offer two years warranty for products brand STUDIO M, 3 years warranty for a complex system, extendable to five years, and can return within 48 hours of the product if satisfaction is not full!


All products are carefully studied for our offer to meet in terms of quality and specifications reflect objective reality.


The assembly line of loudspeakers STUDIO-M uses components imported directly from our company, coming on the market with competitive prices.

established brands

Direct partnerships with JBL, Soundcraft, Crown, AKG, P-Audio, Selenium, Éclair, Thomann, M-Audio, Neutrik, Stairville, American DJ, Pioneer, Apart, Bespeco, Denon, DBX, Lexicon, Eminence, RCF, etc.


We are proud with a broad portfolio of contracts honored successfully which helped us also to grow and improve ourselves, to know our limits and at the moment to be able truly to respond promptly to any challenge!


In general, we Mag Studio, we try to meet our clients with objective and accurate solutions and our involvement is the same regardless of budget or social position! We love what we do and we become increasingly better! Hoping your interest, please contact us and we will give full support to test our products!


Speakers Studio M

Are our bet our entire team won because of its ability to respond promptly to market demands an unpredictable, partly skeptical. What started in 2004 with a garage, currently covers an area of ​​1100 square meters, with all facilities necessary for a professional production line. Always, our principle was adaptability and innovation, as reflected by more than 35 Studio-M models currently produced and sold no more than 6,000 units. We want to thank our partners, which in turn gave us their trust and support, without which we could not evolve to a completely unexpected! Thank you friends !!


Since 2011, we created a team specialized in LED lighting capable of realizing complex works architectural intelligent lighting or club.